Introducing Jonathan

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I have a wife, two children. We just had our baby last year in September. My wife and I were in the search for our first home. I got really interested in all the aspects of a mortgage. I started researching everything, asking a lot of questions and things like that. In the mortgage industry, I’m able to help people while also doing something that I really, really enjoy, which is numbers, solving problems.

I’m glad I speak Spanish, because I like helping out the Hispanic community. When I was younger, we would travel a lot back and forth, and sometimes during the start of the school year, we wouldn’t get back in time. So I would start school in Mexico, half a semester there, and then I would come back and finish the school year there.

The reason why I’m good at math and why I like it so much is because in Mexico, it’s a little bit more advanced. At least when I was there, I felt like it was. So whenever I would come over here, I was always the math wiz. The kids hated me because the teacher would ask a question, “What’s the answer to this problem?” and I would always raise my hand. I wouldn’t give the other kids a chance.