Transformation of Life

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Here’s the way I look at it. I’m out here thinking that my job is to help transform somebody else’s life, but maybe at some point during this conversation, you’re going to transform mine. So I just have to be open to whatever it is I’m supposed to be receiving.

I have a foundation called Envia Foundation. So in Spanish, Envia means “to send,” right? And what we do is we go and deal mostly in Costa Rica. So we find local churches there in Costa Rica. And it’s Catholicism, it’s very Catholic, right? And I come from a Methodist background, but it doesn’t really matter.

We found that in that area, the ones that needed it, weren’t going to the Catholic churches. That’s where the government was supporting it. And so you had to really go out in other areas that the other churches would support.

And I did it through my church, actually building the orphanage. And I’m thinking as a “big business person”, I’m here to help people. Yeah. Oh no. The transformation was a total 180. And then what that did was during a point in my life in time, it allowed me to then step back and focus on what I could actually do that was purely focused on that giving aspect of it and created my foundation, Envia Foundation. And it’s really just about transformation of life, emotional, physical, financial, spiritual.

We go in and we work with, and partner with local churches to establish orphanages, soup kitchens, eye clinics, medical relief, helping just build stuff, right? But it’s by design, it’s to try to get us out of that area, so they don’t rely on the gringos that are supporting it. And so you go in, you find some ways to keep it sustainable and then you try to exit out of it.