The Only Thing Holding You Back

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The only thing holding you back is yourself. I mean, I’ve heard that many, many, many times. Honestly, think about that. The only thing holding you back from what you want to accomplish is you. I mean, how powerful is that? How refreshing is that to really, truly understand?

There’s not one single person, thing, environment that holds you back other than what’s in your mind. Feed your mind, feed it for the things that you want to get out of life, already visualize that you were there, that you believe that you’re already there, and then map out the sequences that it’s going to take to get you there and what you had to do to get to that moment and then go do it.

I mean, for me, I’ve always loved my back against the wall. I don’t care if your back truly is against the wall or if you’re at a pinnacle in your career. You better start continuously acting like your backs against the wall because that’s going to keep you sharp. That’s going to keep you feeding yourself with the right mind, with the right things that go into your mind so that you can keep pushing forward. And it’s you and your only limiting belief is yourself. Map it out, believe that you’re already there, and map out every sequence, step, milestone that it took to get you there. And then go back, trace it, and do it.