What I Learned From SPORTS

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  I studied management, marketing, and finance in college, and I use probably 0% of it in business. It’s what I learned in all the years of playing sports. How to pick up a teammate, how to be picked up … Continued


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Question:When people say that they have evictions and stuff from maybe apartment complexes, how does that affect them purchasing a home? BOB: So we’re going to have to know when it was and we have to know, is it reporting … Continued

Reach Your Goals

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If you think about what you put in your head, all those things, all those noises. How many of those are pulling you away from your dreams? There are so many things in life that will move you away from … Continued

Transformation of Life

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Here’s the way I look at it. I’m out here thinking that my job is to help transform somebody else’s life, but maybe at some point during this conversation, you’re going to transform mine. So I just have to be … Continued