How To Move Forward

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What made me who I was, what allowed me to move forward in the times that I struggled, it was having people around me, having people that knew more than me that were willing to share. I could, at that moment, be in the right frame of mind to do one of the most important things you can do, listen.

You have to go through life with your ears open and your mouth shut, because there are people around all of us, regardless of where you think they are in their life. Don’t let Instagram fool you. Sometimes the greatest wealth that you’re given is listening to people that are going through their own struggles and their challenges to be there for them. Maybe just to say a couple of things, or maybe to say nothing at all but just to listen to them.

Understand the difference between failure and failing forward. You have to as entrepreneurs, as individuals that are out here pushing to new limits, you have to be willing to fail. Failure is not a bad thing if you understand that it’s failing forward. True failure is when you stop, is when you try something and it doesn’t work in that prohibits you from moving forward. Sometimes two steps back is okay. That’s the failing forward opportunity where you take a couple steps back and you get to move forward. The failure is when you stop on the railroad track and a train runs you over.

So do not bury your head. Talk to somebody, and that allows you to move forward. Maybe to pivot a little bit in a direction that you may have been headed, now you realize you shouldn’t go there, that allows you to be able to pivot.