How I Got the Name BobMortgage

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       It's interesting. Bob Johnson is just such a generic name. So I was searching for what I was going to call the team and company that I was building. It didn't come to me until one night at a happy hour I was throwing. I'm sitting here talking to this other real estate agent, and this realtor goes, "Hey, I want to show you my new watch." He had just gotten this Apple watch, and this is many, many, many years ago when the Apple Watch first came out. And he said, "Call me." 
       I dialed up his number and sure enough, my name came up on his Apple watch. He showed me his Apple watch and it said BobMortgage. And I'm like, "Oh my God, why do you have me as BobMortgage?" He goes, "I don't even really know your last name. I just know you're my mortgage guy."
       And at that moment, the name, the brand, everything stuck. I left that happy hour. The name was mine. I walked outside, I looked for the domain name and they wanted like six grand for it. I'm like, "Who the hell owns BobMortgage?" But that's what they were selling it for. I bought it on the spot. I said, "This is it. We're going to go forward with the brand BobMortgage."