Hope Is Not A Plan

We’re sitting here at Hope Outdoor Gallery in Austin, Texas. And let me tell you man, this place is amazing. A lot of people come here, and they spray paint their hopes and desires on these walls, so everybody can take it in. But I’m going to give you something that you need to understand. Hope is not a plan when it comes to buying a home. All right? You guys need to have an actual plan that you can execute on. Okay? And it starts with talking to somebody like myself, a trusted mortgage advisor that we can sit down, and we can figure out where you are today, where you need to be, and how we’re going to help you get there. There is an actual step-by-step process when it comes to making sure that you get the right home loan at the right price.

So, it starts with a quick conversation. Let’s understand where you are. What are the three or four things that we need to do to get you in the best possible position to buy? We look at things like credit. We look at income. We look at assets. We look at your debt to income ratio. All those things can be evaluated in a quick five, ten, fifteen-minute conversation. And then we have this roadmap. And if we have some challenges that we need to overcome, that’s awesome. That means we’re talking about it well in advance. We can actually get you on the right path to ensure that we’re getting in that right home loan. Okay?

So, while I love a place like this, it’s amazing and inspirational. It’s just, this type of hope is not something that you can execute on when planning to buy a house. So, give me a phone call, (214) 770 5626. Let’s actually start going down the right plan to get you into a home. Take care. You have an awesome weekend.