The Only Thing Holding You Back

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The only thing holding you back is yourself. I mean, I’ve heard that many, many, many times. Honestly, think about that. The only thing holding you back from what you want to accomplish is you. I mean, how powerful is … Continued

The Fourth Quarter

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This is the fourth quarter. We’re going into the fourth quarter of business. In football, we all know that the fourth quarter means you win that fourth quarter, you winning that game. This is different. You win the fourth quarter … Continued

What I Learned From SPORTS

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  I studied management, marketing, and finance in college, and I use probably 0% of it in business. It’s what I learned in all the years of playing sports. How to pick up a teammate, how to be picked up … Continued

Reach Your Goals

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If you think about what you put in your head, all those things, all those noises. How many of those are pulling you away from your dreams? There are so many things in life that will move you away from … Continued