Achieving a Big and Abundant Life

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How many of you guys want a big and abundant life? Give it to me. Give me a hell yeah, give me an amen. Give me something. Well, I’m going to tell you something. I don’t care how old you are. I don’t care if you’re 25, you’re 30, you’re 49 like myself. It does not happen overnight. It doesn’t. It’s going to start every day. And today it begins right now, whatever it is that you’re building, whatever it is, whether it’s a personal brand, it’s a big company, it’s a team, whatever you’re doing, we’ll start right here right now. And we’re going to talk about this thing right here. But here’s why mindset is important because you know what? Life is going to kick you in the ass.

It’s going to be hard sometimes. You can’t have fat bank accounts and nice cars and big houses and big networks and all these kinds of things. It just doesn’t happen overnight. So you have to be prepared to put in the work. And when you put in that work and life comes, and it will kick you in the teeth. How are you going to react? How are you going to be able to handle what life throws at you? Are you going to be mentally prepared for that? So, I need to uncover your why, you need to uncover your why, as to why you want to build this brand, this business, this network, whatever it is that you’re building for 2020 and beyond. Is it big enough? And I need to know, are you hungry or are you starving?

I don’t want you starving. That’s the opposite of hungry. Starving means you’re going to make some quick decisions that you think are going to get you rich, and they’re not. They’re going to put you on a path to bankruptcy, okay? If you are hungry, that’s where I want you. Right there. I want you hungry because you can’t be content. You can’t be some… There could be some patience in what you’re building, but you’re so hungry that you’re not going to quit. You’re not going to give up when you get kicked in, that you’re going to continue to move yourself forward in this journey, right? And achieve it. You’re going to dream it, you’re going to believe it, and you’re going to achieve it.