How I Got Into the Mortgage Industry

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It was really interesting how I got into the mortgage industry. I was doing door to door sales, and I was selling desk phones door to door. I happened to call on a mortgage company, and I stopped by to see this receptionist.

I said, “Hey, I made it a point to see Steve.” Steve comes back, and he said, “I didn’t have an appointment with you.” I said, “No, no, I’m sorry. Your receptionist misunderstood me. I said I made it a point to see Steve. I didn’t say I had an appointment.”

Well, he liked that quite a bit. He said, “Okay, let’s go to the conference room, and let’s talk. What are you doing here? What’s the deal?” And I said, “I’m here to talk to you about your telecommunications.” He’s like, “No, we’re going to get you into the mortgage business.” He told me about this mortgage industry. It was great. It fit perfectly because of the sales, marketing, finance perspective. I said, “This is awesome. How much does it pay?” He’s like, “It’s unlimited.” I finally understood that that meant full straight commission.

When I went back to tell my wife, I quit my job selling door to door telecommunications to get into mortgage space. She was like, “That’s awesome. That’s amazing. How much does it pay?” I said, “It’s unlimited.” And so here we are 24 years later, my wife and I still work together. It’s been an unlimited opportunity for us and I’m grateful I took that chance 24 years ago.